Friday, January 22, 2010

giant doughnut!!

when i was walking home through the streets of sf one day, i decided that i'd fancy having a doughnut. specifically, a crumb doughnut from bob's. i walked up to the display window at bob's donuts and saw some crumb doughnuts available, along with several other varieties. at that point my eyes wandered across the other selections as eyes are wont to do, which is when i noticed the oft rumored, but never confirmed by my own eyes, GIANT doughnut!! in addition to being enormous, it was a crumb doughnut--precisely the type of doughnut i was craving. at that point, i figured: if a regular doughnut is good, a giant doughnut must be better! so i bought it and carried it home (and it was heavy!).

this is the beast:

this is me getting ready for battle:

i started out strong, diving right in and before too long, i had finished half of it. however, as time went on, my pace slackened, and in the eternal battle between yao vs. food... this time, food won.

you can see that a lot of the crumb coating fell off in my enthusiasm to devour it, but you can rest assured that i went back for the tasty morsels afterwards in round 2.

interestingly enough, after my body had told me no more and while i was lying on the couch, my roommate walked in complaining. she said that had been craving a doughnut all day long and was planning on getting one on her walk back from the bars, but her friends insisted on giving her a ride back home, so she was unable to buy one. though she didn't believe me at first, she was quite happy to find giant doughnut in the kitchen and helped herself to a serving or two or more.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

more bed stuff

i haven't actually completed my entire bed. i sort of ran out of time/motivation after the platform part was completed, so my bed currently lacks a headboard.

but like jeff mentioned, my bed is upholstered, so there is no exposed wood.

here are some pictures of my initial design:

here is a rendering jeff created using sketchup:

this is actually pretty much what my bed currently looks like since i haven't put together the headboard.