Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Santa Catalina Island

So, not as cool as Alice's trips around the world, but Jen and I just went on a trip to an island all of 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles!

We stayed at a cute little town called Avalon, which is 1 square mile.

The hotels are expensive, but everything else is pretty cheap and the seafood is really fresh and great tasting!

We went snorkeling at pebbly beach, which is pretty hard on the feet.

This was actually the best beach to walk on... the other beaches should be called rocky beach.
There were a ton of fish here... as soon as we went into the water we were surrounded by fish.
Unfortunately for Jen, I got a little greedy though and attempted to feed them.
They're pretty aggressive, and not only did they rip the food from my hands, they also tried to eat Jen's foot!

We made sure to eat lots of fish afterwards to get revenge.

Here are some pictures of us jumping.