Thursday, March 08, 2007

augustine's 100th (day)

a bunch of the cousins (primarily the ones in southern california) went down to san diego this past weekend to celebrate augustine's 100th day after birth. to those of you who don't know who augustine is, he is frances park's newborn son, who is now 105 days old.

and to the delight of all, a certain pig from westchester was able to join us:

no, we didn't finish the whole thing, but we tried our hardest!

and what a 100 day birthday celebration be without a cake?

ok, so the food was great, but here is what you have been waiting for: frances park and augustine

and a closeup for those of us who are near sighted:

for more pictures from the weekend, go to my picasaweb album, including some pictures of augustine with a hat on!