Sunday, June 28, 2009

oysters at tomales bay

when bruce came to visit the bay area, all of us cousins (including alice chen and frances chen) decided to get together to shuck some oysters at tomales bay. our trip began with shopping at cala foods where we purchased picnic supplies. while we were there, we received an emergency call frin alice. she needed help checking into her flight from las vegas. luckily bruce's phone had an app for that! (a browser).

since i forgot to get directions, we used france chen's phone to figure out how to get to tomales bay. her phone directed us to take the scenic route. unfortunately for those in the back, the secnic route also meant the windy, make you carsick and want to throwup route. luckily we were able to get to the oyster farm without any incidents.

once we got there we purchased a bag of 50 oysters.

after that, we tried our hand at shucking:

bruce starting to shuck an oyster
bruce struggling a little bit
and success!!
this is a picture of the cousins by the bay