Friday, February 03, 2006

thursdays at tony's

mmm.... ribs.

every thursday at a certain tony roma's in alhambra, they have an all you can eat ribs deal. sylvia and i went there to celebrate this fact. i, of course, ordered the all you can eat ribs, while sylvia settled for a 'dinner' sized slab of ribs.

here is sylvia's before picture:

and here is her after picture:

not a bad job eh? ribs are completely gone and the corn is mostly consumed. yet, the baked potato seems largely untouched.

i don't really have a before image, as the arrival of my ribs was a continuous process, but i do have an after image which demonstrates my mastery of the rib arts.

those were the remains of three racks of ribs--and i barely broke a sweat. i can only imagine what sort of damage might occur when jeff visits the tony roma arena. (he has already made claims of being able to demolish 4~5 racks)