Sunday, November 16, 2008

visiting emy in hong kong

when i was in hong kong for the past week, i had the distinct pleasure of staying at emily's apartment in sheung wan on hong kong island. you might wonder if emily has enough space in her apartment for visitors and i can assure you that she has plenty of space. she lives in her own 2 bedroom apartment in a mansion!

since i have considered following in bruce's aspirations in making lots and lots of money, i decided to do a little research into the banking lifestyle with emily as my specimen. together, we did lots of banker-type activities like:

being snobby and eating wine and cheese:

and salami with black truffle:

cheese closeup:

we also constantly checked our blackberries (i had to pretend with a nokia), drank bottles at the armani bar (yes, an armani-branded liqueur establishment) on a friday night before heading back to work, and partied until 5 or 6am at some exclusive banker-dominated club. i definitely have a greater understanding of why it feels good to be a banker.

there are tons of things to do in hong kong, like checking out the lights from kowloon:

hiking up to the peak (or taking the tram if you're feeling lazy)

and taking a boat to macau to exercise in the parks:

or, you can go to the many casinos in macau and gamble

(emily won over a hundred dollars!)

so if you have a chance, i highly recommend paying emily a visit! she's a very gracious host, even if you try to leave a few hours early!

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