Friday, June 27, 2008

alice's visit to san francisco

this past weekend, alice was on the west coast for a wedding. while she was here, us bay area cousins had the opportunity to hang out with her for a bit.

since there are multiple cousins with the same first and last names, we'll go through chen family naming nomenclature first:
alice = alice from new york (76th st)
alice chen = alice from california (sacramento)
frances chen = frances from georgia/kentucky

we all had dinner at this small italian place in north beach.

the place was pretty small and didn't take reservations. lucky for us, frances chen arrived a few minutes late to put in our name while the rest of us arrived 30~40 minutes late--just in time to be seated! this was the first ever meeting of alice and alice chen; it was truly a momentous occasion! all four bay area cousins + alice = five chen family cousins eating italian

at the end of the meal, frances chen had to use the facilities, so she went into the men's room where she saw the best dieting plan ever:

after dinner, we went to alice's friend's pre-wedding gathering at a bar in SOMA. there's more in common among the alices than just their first and last names: