Friday, April 15, 2005

story of yao

i think the last time i saw everyone was grandma's birthday in new york (maybe 5 years ago?) so i guess i'll start from around there.

at that point in time, i was studying at michigan... which was allright i guess. halfway through my sophmore year, i decided to take a semester off to go work for intel in arizona. it was my first internship and it was also when i learned that it kinda sucks being an intern who is under 21 when all the other interns (and full timers of course) are of age. this problem plagued me throughout my internships. in my eight months there, i had a pretty fun time. but i did come to the realization that i did not like the arizona weather.

besides my extended stay in arizona, undergrad was pretty uneventful. however, as graduation starting looming closer, my lack of job leads was bearing down on me. so i panicked and applied to grad school. unfortunately, by that time, it was already too late for me to apply to the school that i really wanted to go to, but it was entirely my fault. so i did the whole grad school application thing and got into all of the schools i applied to except my safety school. go figure.

just before graduation, i was able to secure an internship with GM china in shanghai. while the pay was next to nothing, i was still excited about it. unfortunately, this was during the SARS craze in asia and my mom didn't want me to go. so i ended up doing interning in california again.

after some thought, i decided to go to grad school at michigan. i liked michigan and it would only take me a year to finish my degree. but the real reason i came back was because i thought our football team was going to be awesome. michigan did well that year and i got to rush the football field. definitely an experience worth having.

<side note> interestingly enough, i scorned going to USC because i thought their football team sucked (during my grad school year, USC beat michigan in the rose bowl and won the the real (AP) national championship).
</side note>

grad school was a lot fun for me for whatever reason. the workload was heavier, but for some reason i was less stressed about it all. probably because i didn't care too much about grades seeing as everyone does at least OK in grad school. so i really got to enjoy ann arbor my last year.

after graduating for real this time, i took 2 months off to relax. i spent about a month in australia and then some time packing for my eventual move to arizona--which is where i am now.

so right now i'm living in chandler, arizona and working for intel. nothing terribly exciting. i've been here about 9 months now, working as an industrial engineer. from the time i interviewed to now, we have had 2 organizational changes, so we will see how long i have this title for (3 months so far!). outside of work, i have been playing a lot of ultimate frisbee (couple times a week). so that's about it for me. i apologize for the lack of photos...

happy birthday harry!

happy birthday emily!

sorry about the late afternoon post, but at least i beat bruce! and finally, jeff won't be calling me at ungodly hours anymore. haha. joking....


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