Thursday, April 14, 2005

Part two of three - Arriving in LA

So I got to LA at the end of August and my mom went with me. I had secured an apartment way back in May. It's a long story, but the basic idea is that she found out that I was living next to a cemetary. And she had this nightmare where Helen told her that I shouldn't live there. So, I moved.

The next place I lived at was pretty nice at first glance but turned out to be terrible. The guy who I was renting from called himself Sinjin even though his name was actually John and he was, well... morally suspect. He was subleasing one room to me in the two bedroom apartment he was renting. He rented out half of his room to this kid. He rented out the couch to a mentally disabled girl for more than I paid. He lived off our rents so he didn't have a job and hung around the apartment all day. He also had this ongoing craigslist post. It says looking for laidback girl - free rent in exchange for errands. So these girls call, and he makes it sound all good and stuff. When they get there he makes them clean. Then he lies and tells them that the person in the main room (me in this case, but this has been going on for a while) will be leaving soon so they will be in my room when I leave. For now, sleep on the couch (he has 3 couches). So they agree, but then they find out that I'm not leaving. So they usually get mad, but they are pretty much stranded there until they find a new place. And until they find a new place, they need somewhere to stay, and in order to stay there, they have to do all this work for him. And he makes them do a ton of work. Besides cleaning, he makes them get dinner, do laundry, dial phone numbers for people he wants to talk to, and anything else he can think of. And if he doesn't like them, he kicks them out even if they beg to stay for just one more day. And that's just one example and there are many more. Plus, even with all the cleaning girls the place stunk anyways. My room was the only place that I could really stand being in for long periods of time. Not that it was all that bad... the place itself was big and nice and he treated me fine... it was just how he treated everyone else that bothered me.

So I was actively looking for a third place. The next place had 3 bedrooms, I would have one of them, these two guys had another, and these two girls had the third. But then the girls dropped right after I moved in, but before we signed anything. We ended up squatting there while we looked for my fourth place. We finally found a two bedroom and so I'm living with those two guys. They're pretty cool so everything's been pretty good so far. This all happened in the first month and a half I was in LA.


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