Thursday, April 14, 2005

Part three of three - Settling in

Grad school has been so much fun. I never went to class at all in undergrad, but I love going to class now. The material is interesting to me, the teachers care, classes are very discussion like, and we chat and have fun and everything. I can't believe it but it's just great. The only thing is that (like everyone else I suppose) I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Oh well. I did get an internship from Google for this summer though. I just found out about 2 hours ago. So I'll be in northern California this summer.

Some random stuff I've been doing.
I met two cousins I've never met before, Linda and the other Alice Chen (well actually I met Alice in May). I've seen Frances a bunch of times and seen Teresa and Steve and their families. So that's been very nice.

I lost my ATM-Visa Check card in November, didn't realize it, had someone charge 1000 bucks to it, still didn't realize it, paid off the 1000 bucks, still didn't realize it, and finally found out at the end of January when I went to get some money from the ATM because we were going to Vegas. Luckily, the bank was fine with that and I got my 1000 bucks back. It was a girl too because the first stop was Pottery Barn, and there was some store called Baby Nay in there too.

I've been collecting furniture off of the street. I got a heavy executive desk that took us an hour to move using a shopping cart. This is what I've been sleeping on.

We finally hit the jackpot in January though. I got a tip from our apartment manager about some furniture in an empty apartment. So we went and got that. After moving furniture from 3am-6am, and some heavy bleeding on my part (I actually left a very visible trail from that apartment to ours), we ended up with two nice couches, a corner table, two lamps, a single sofa chair, a dining table and chairs and a few other things. Our place looks infinitely better now. We promptly threw our old furniture out. Unfortunately for the workers there, we missed the garbage can.


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