Monday, April 25, 2005

on the recruiting trail

i just had dim sum with alice yesterday and i told her about the chen family blog. which alice, you ask? why, alice chen of course! the wait for a table was about two hours, so she was able to introduce me to the ghetto areas of the bay area while browsing through a real estate publication. who says there isn't affordable housing in california?

i think about half of you have met alice chen, so let me attempt to introduce her with what knowledge i have. alice is from sacramento, went to berkeley, and is now working in san francisco. she is older than bruce and me, but younger than jeff and alice. she also has a brother, who is probably the only cousin i have yet to meet. that's about it in a nutshell. and she has a pet named bob. who's hungry. very hungry. and eats lots of dimsum. and beef. yup.

so hopefully we will have another contributor to the saga!


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