Friday, April 22, 2005

Cryptic Comment

So someone wrote "ploivido acel el lodillo" as a comment to one of our posts. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find out what that means. In case anyone here is as curious as I was, here are the responses. Take what you want from it.

"ploivido acel el lodillo"
Anyone know what this means? Someone wrote this cryptic comment to a blog post. After doing some research I thought that it might be Romanian. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's pointing to something else. Thanks.

Doesn't sound like Romanian to me. Only one word sounds Romanian: "acel" which means "that".
"ploivido acel el lodillo"
Just a far fetched thought: if "ploivido" and "lodillo" were nicknames and "el" is in fact meant to be "e", this message could mean: "ploivido, that is lodillo". As I've said, it's just a far fetched thought.

The message is in Spanish but, as you said, it is very cryptic!
1. s. Ploi.project or: PLOI.MI – (Banca Pop Lodi Milan)?!
2. VIDO – Grupo de Visualización y Documentación Electrónica
3. acel – of ‘acelerar’ (= accelerate)
or: ACEL – La Agrupación de Empresas Laborales y Economía Social de Cantabria
or: Asociación Chilena de e-Learning
4. el lodillo – diminutive of “lodo” - mezcla de agua y tierra que se forma en un terreno a causa de la lluvia (= mud)
That's all I could get.


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