Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spring break

It's a bit late, but here's a quick recap of my spring break. I went to Hawaii for the second time. This time unfortunately the weather sucked big time!! It rained for maybe 6 out of the 8 days we were there. We ended up watching alot of MTV in the hotel room instead. But we did get to do some cool things. We saw the world's largest rubber ducky race.

We also went on this "EXTREME Fishing Adventure" that ended up being not so extreme. The boat took us out to an area where we could snorkle, cept the problem was...there was nothing to see in that area. Not even a single fish. This did not bode well since the boat trip was also a fishing trip as well. Calvin has a major case of shark phobia so he refused to get into the water for the first 15 min. Finally, we convinced him that there was no shark the water, let alone any fish, so he jumped in and paddled around for a bit. Then the boat took us to another spot where we could fish for 20 min. 20 min passed by and not even one out of the 9 people there on the boat caught any fish. We then went to another spot, and spent another 30 min.... no fish. Finally, we went to the last spot...which was the "lucky" spot. We waited and waited with our fish hooks dangling in the water....finally, my friend felt a nibble and pulled up his line to find that the fish had bitten through the line and stole the hook! At this point, we're wondering what kind of fish this is...and whether or not we really wanted to catch it. My friend rehooked and dropped his line again. A few minutes later, he felt another tug, and this time he was successful in catching this...

That at least made the trip sort of worthwhile. Finally, we were supposed to have a bbq on the boat, but the grill broke down, and the tour guide took us to McDonald's instead... So much for our EXTREME fishing adventure.


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