Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Roomate Part 2

Person B left, and that was that, or so I thought. Three days later, the guy whose apartment he moved into gave me a call. He wanted advice on kicking person B out. We decided that he could legally do so without getting into trouble. Person B moved into another place that night.
The next day, Saturday, person B gave me a call asking me to help him find a place to stay. Apparently he had been kicked out of his newest place as well. I picked him up at 3 pm, and I finally got home at 3 am. We looked at a bunch of places, but no one wanted him to move in. We were getting pretty desperate and he was calling everyone, but it was late. One guy said, "You're calling for an apartment at midnight! Idiot! Click."
We decided to go to a hostel. We went to one in Santa Monica. He gave them his id, and the guy was typing it into his computer. Then he looked up and said, "Sorry, I can't rent a room to you". We both said, "What?!?" And he said, "You're on our no-renters list". At this point I thought to myself... oh no, nobody's going to accept him and he's going to end up spending the night in my car. We went to another hostel. They wanted a passport, and he didn't have one. Person B and the guy almost got into a fist fight in the parking lot. We went to a third hostel, but they wanted more information than he was willing to give. Finally, we went to a shady hotel, and they actually gave him a room. I dumped him off there and went home.
So after that, he's given me a call once on Sunday and once on Tuesday, both times for rides even though I told him I was done with giving him those. He's still at the hotel, he hasn't gone to his job at LA Fitness in over a week, he's running out of money quickly, and now that I'm not helping him anymore I don't know what he's going to do.


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