Sunday, May 14, 2006

in the bay. the south south south (mission) bay.

this past saturday, alice chen and i got to meet up in san diego. we went to a beach in mission bay with a bunch of other people from work. i went jet skiing and got a bit wet, as you can see from my shirt.

after hanging out at the beach the entire afternoon, we headed back to meet up with alice's brother, samson, and her mother. on the way there, we thought we were honked at by this SUV being driven by self proclaimed a MILF. according to the sticker on the left side of her rear windshield, she has a son and a daughter and is quite curvaceous. i'm not sure what "girlmom" is supposed to signify though. perhaps it suggests that she is still young?
anyway, it turned out that it wasn't the MILF who was honking at us, it was the guy driving right behind the MILF. apparently he wanted to take a gander at the MILF. his car edged closer and closer to the lane we were in. as the traffic started moving again, he then proceeded to cut us off and raced alongside the SUV to check out the mother driving.

we all went out to eat dinner at todai. todai is a japanese buffet. i got two lobsters, but alice beat me and got three. she even gets lobsters without trying/wanting any! here is a picture of us all:

after dinner, we went back to samson's apartment and put together a 750 piece puzzle!
to be fair, i should note that most of the puzzle had already been completed by the time i got there. but i did help!

in spite of the fact that we both brought sun block to the beach, neither of us decided to actually use any of it. pretty smart eh? check out alice chen's sun burn lines:

of course, i had my own as well:
pretty fun weekend huh?


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