Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Roomate

One of my roomates, person C, got a new job and moved out because of the commute. We have three months left on the lease so he found a subletter, person B, to replace him.

At first he seemed okay, although rather talkative. There were some flags, such as the fact that he needed to move in immediately because his previous landlord had apparently got another renter behind his back, and that he wanted to be an actor (which is always a flag in LA). Also, since he just started working (at the LA Fitness across the street), he didn't have any money. He gave person C a $100 deposit, and agreed to pay rent when he got his next paycheck. We confirmed with his employer that he was working there and moved him in.

The biggest flag was that his credit score is about 500. That's pretty bad, and means he's not good at paying for things which he owes money for. After we found this out we decided to kick him out and the next day we told him that he could stay a couple of days and then leave. But he refused to leave, stating that he hadn't done anything wrong. He did have a point there, so we let him stay. The day after that though, he asked person C if he could borrow his $100 deposit back.

Another thing is that he talks a lot. Person C warned us about this, but I didn't think someone talking a lot was a big deal. But this guy just doesn't stop. I went to the bathroom once, and he kept on talking to me the whole time, and when I got out he said "Right Jeff?" and I hadn't even heard a word he said. He claims he is Neo from the Matrix and that he will singlehandedly make LA Fitness rich even though everyone else at the company is out to get him. He once said he works 12 hours a day 8 days a week. From what I've seen, he always seems to sleep in and go to work late every day. He also once said that Hulk Hogan has 72 inch biceps.

So person K, my other roomate, decides that he's going to keep bugging person B about keeping the place clean in order to make person B leave. This works spectacularly well as after only a week, person B blows up and gets into a huge argument with person K. Person B has also been taking our food so person K writes him a note saying we don't appreciate him doing that. They get into another argument, and person K writes another note later on that essentially tells person B to get out. This picture is person B's not very legible response. Person C then served him an eviction notice which he proceeded to rip up.

He's really kind of messed up. He doesn't understand money. Every night he buys single items like on bag of chips, one coke or beer, and a sandwich. He doesn't buy in bulk because it costs more, and he doesn't see that it will save him money over the long run. Also, one day he was really excited and told me he went to a car dealership and they were going to give him a car with no money down. But he doesn't have a license and in order to get one he has to pay off a bunch of outstanding speeding tickets. So he'd be making payments on a car he can't drive. Another thing is that he keeps calling people for apartments all night, even at 3 am. I told him not to, but he said he doesn't see why they wouldn't talk to him if they really wanted to get a roomate.

Anyways, since I'm the only one who would help him, I ended up giving him my cellphone (his phone is disconnected because he didn't pay the bill) and driving him around all weekend. Then I drove him around for 4 hours on Monday and 6 hours on Tuesday after work. We finally found a place Tuesday night, and he moved out.


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