Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cheng Du Part 1

My family went to Cheng Du this year. It was a lot of fun!
We started by flying up to the mountains at Jiu Zhai Gou.
There, we saw lots and lots of waterfalls and lakes.
I think we took a couple hundred waterfall pictures.

Here's me stealing into Bruce's picture. After that, Bruce booted me off so he could take one by himself. How rude of him!

We did a lot of mountain hiking at 3000 meters above sea level.
Because of the lack of oxygen we carried oxygen cans.
Here's a picture of Bruce filling up.

We saw a lot of these things which I thought were pretty cool. Also, everywhere we went was super crowded, which made it a little hard to take pictures, not to mention enjoy nature.

I saw one of these things hanging out by the side of the street so of course I had to go and touch it. About 2 seconds after this picture was taken, he stood up and tried to gore me with his horns. Luckily my super fast reflexes (and the fact that he was tied to the pole) prevented a trip to the local hospital (assuming there is such a thing there).

We followed the water all the way down to the bottom where it turned into big rivers which were used by many cities in the area through a very old irrigation system.


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