Friday, April 15, 2005

Bruce's Post

Good thing I waited till the end, which means I get to be on top!

The last few years have gone by more than fast and before I even knew it, I’m about to graduate college – not high school, but college. Along the way, I’ve gained some valuable friends, but have also lost touch with many other things I value, such as you guys. Before it was always the responsibility of my/our parents to ‘make’ use get together and I never had to worry about a thing. Now that the responsibility is placed on our shoulders, I’m really glad that everyone has come together for this blog (it’s a really great idea Alice!).

I’m graduating in May, assuming that I pass all my current classes with a C or better. I say that because every semester prior to this one, I have passed with flying colors, being invited to all these stupid GPA ceremonies, “minority achievers” programs, and being nominated to sit the “Board of Eons” or something like that where you get to talk with the chancellor. I never did any of it, but in retrospect perhaps I should have.

Back to this semester, I think it might be some subconscious reaction to finally finding a job (CGI-AMS – Fairfax, VA), and also graduating, but I’m really slacking off on work of all kinds. I’m also taking two 100 level geology classes and I don’t go to class because I can do fine on the tests without going to class. BUT the labs are killing me. They are early in the morning (10am!) and I always sleep through them, but they are a very significant part of your grade. I’m also done with all my business classes so I am taking international studies classes.

I’d rather write smaller but more posts, so your eyes don’t strain, especially if you have to read ALL of our posts at the same time! So happy birthday Harry, Emily, Alice, and happy half-birthday to the rest of you!


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